Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer lovin...had me a blast.

GO USA, this was his fireworks outfit.

Trailing a little behind that's what his long johns say.

My new windows are going in as I type. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Me and Kade are downstairs trying to stay out of their way. We've watched the fifth season of the office. LOVED IT. I'm so stoked for this season. YES I shed a tear at the end of the season finale, geez back off. We have also watched a little baby Einstein and Kade is currently enjoying the rain forest melodys of his cadillac. This is what that looks like.
Yesterday after our room windows were done I just stood there looking at them, opening it then closing it. Open close, open close, open close etc. They did four yesterday until it started blowing and raining so hard. I can't believe the difference it makes. I can' t feel the wind any more when I stand by the window and I could hardly hear the storm when they were shut. Open close, open close.....LOVE EM LOVE EM.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have not updated my blog in a long time. I admire others who keep up with this and write such great stuff about life and family. I love to read about your lives and get up to speed with you. As for me I'm not as good at this. Wish I knew how to speedily catch you up to me if you so desired to know about me and the two boys in my life. So I thought maybe I would script one of my days and then leave it at that. Maybe that would give you a window into my life if you were at all interested.
0545 (a.m.) Woken by the squaks on the baby monitor. (Such a bitter sweet sound). Brandon had kissed me goodbye at 0400 to go hunting with his brother.
Fed Kade a bottle changed a diaper, turned off my lamp and let him go back to sleep for a while. I also went to sleep on the couch, I can't sleep in the same bed as Kade for many different reasons. Sometimes it happens and it's fun but most of the time I end up somewhere else.
0730 Laid by Kade on the bed as he watched Baby Monet and I got a couple more minutes of sleep. YES so lovely.
Changed more diapers played the usual baby stuff. Took a bath with kade, so fun.
0845 Put Kade in his cadillac and turned it on (His swing) He went to sleep.
Laundry time. Watched T.V.
1030 Abby (my sis) came over to watch Kade. Vahia Brandons friend came up and visited with us. He was staying the labor day weekend.
1100 Went up in the Hills with Bill and Jan (my inlaws) to pick choke cherries. Picked until about 1600 then we headed home.
1730 arrived home. B was home already. Kade was sleeping.
1900 Went to Cafe Rio for dinner. YUM.
2100 Put Kade to bed, B watched football, I went to sleep.
There it is I know you want to call Hollywood so they can do a movie bout the things rollin round my brain. (Did anyone catch that.....?? No? Counting crows song)
So there ya go kinda like a soap opera, if you haven't seen it in years just watch it one day and your all caught up.
Summers been great. Lots of gardening, yard work, hay and baby. I'm learning a lot about it all. I'm in love my husband and my kid we are living a pretty sweet life by my standards anyway. Catch ya up later, love ya all. Amy

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

I wish I was out celebrating today. But Kade is taking a really good nap and I really don't want to disturb his slumber. I"m choosing a happy baby over a sappy one..(A Boo Hoo Hoo Hooing baby if you know what I mean.)
Bath time is so fun I think he is so cute all naked and playing in the water. It's so fun.

Aunt Abby is reading Kade a really cute book
my sister Amanda found. And so appropriate for Kade whose dadddy is a cowboy. Way Out West With a Baby. It's so cute and Kade just listens to it intently.

It's getting to be about time that Kade starts pulling some weight around here so we got him all dressed for a hard days work.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Here are some recent pics, and when I say recent I mean mothers day. I have a lot of downloading and blogging and scrapping to do.
But I know what you are thinking, you've never seen such a cute little boy. I know I know I hear it all the time.
We are having so much fun. He has recently in the last couple days been grabbing his legs and feet. He just rolls up in a ball and onto his side. For a while now he has been sucking his thumb. Thats how I know he's mine. He may look like a Torngren but he sucks his thumb like his mom did. I hope he doesn't do it as long as I did. That was kind of an embarassing habit in college.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Please Vote

Kade is kinda an amateur when it comes to his hair and he would like a little input from someone else more hip and with it than his mother. So please vote on your favorite do.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pampers smell Soooo good

New in town.

Sweetly sleeps that little boy. I am currently watching my little boy sleep and also some season 3 of 24. And by the way Jack Bauers daughter Kim is driving me insane and I am hoping that she maybe gets written out of the show. Also when does President Palmer ever learn that he should never talk to his ex wife. She also drives me bonkers. I also love that Tony was shot in the carotid artery, underwent surgery and is back at work functioning at a very capable level. It drives me nuts, yet... I can't stop watching it.
Look at that hand its huge. This is quite amazing that I am actually on my blog updating and putting some pictures on. I have felt as though I dropped off the face of the earth as we know it. But the last couple days I have really accomplished a lot. I am about finished with the third season of 24. I cleaned my kitchen last night. I paid a bill this morning. Brandon is home from work today so it's 2:30 in the afternoon and I actually have had a nap a bath and put make-up on. I'm doin pretty darn good. I have some great family and friends who have helped me out a ton. I feel pretty fortunate to have such a great support group. Plus Brandon has been so wonderful. He is such a good man. Last night I got to go to Shopko by myself and get some groceries. They are having a really good sale right now. The pampers were on sale so I got a couple packs of swaddlers and they smell so good. (Baby Good). And on the way home the truck smelled of baby powder and I just missed Kade like crazy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am so in love with this little boy. He is the cheese to my pizza. I just love him so much I could eat his cheeks.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kade William on the Scene

Before and after pictures of me and Kade.

We went into the hospital for an induction on the 3rd early in the morning. I had great nurses, all my buddies. Great epidural. Man, those are fantastic, I was more comfortable then I had been my whole pregnancy. All until the pushing. Just a little burn is all......(Ouch) It was so different to be on the other end finally of my job. It was a good day, me and B had a really good time. Is that weird that we had a good time. It was just fun. They took really good care of us and we finally got to meet Kade William up close and personal.
However, coming home and being home is defenitely harder then the whole labor and delivery.
I never imagined how hard it would be.

Me and Brandon just can't believe how much we love this little guy. We just stare at him and go on and on about his toes or his lips or cheeks. It is fun.

And Brandon has been so good to me and Kade. He is such a good Daddy and husband. I love him more today then I did the day went into the hospital, I didn't think that was possible but alas,... it is.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this is 37.4 weeks.

Some more pregnant pictures. Here we are 37.5 weeks pregnant. The other night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself because of getting bigger and bigger, feeling claustrophobic, worrying that my skin is going to split apart etc.
Then we had a "Fetal Loss and grieving" training at work. One gal that works in the NICU and another that works in Womens Center talked about their losses and their own experiences with losing their babies. Lets just say that we were all bawling our eyes out and I couldn't believe how selfish I was. I'm so grateful for what I have and I defenitely wouldn't trade my trials for theirs.

Brandon and I moved into our first home about a week before chirstmas two months ago. We have five acres with I think 18 horses (not all ours), three cats (they belong to no one, I think they think they own the place), one dog (just staying with us until her new palace is ready), one long shed, one grainery, a tack shed, a hay shed, a nice yard and garden, several fruit trees, and a farm house. And we think that we are getting a baby in a week or two. Talk about baptism of fire. We are going to have our hands full.
It's been pretty fun to actually call a home our own after renting and living the single life before we got married for so many years.
B took some great pictures one day when it was snowing. This is pepper the dog and Skinny Jim the horse.

This is most of B's horse, Dusty is on the left, Skinny Jim and Snip is the mare behind skinny Jim. She is expecting also about a month after me. The other day while I was driving by the corral I stopped just to take a look at her. She comes walking to the fence by my car very slowing like she can hardly move, and looks at me with this look of misery only the pregnant could understand. I just thought, "I know how you feel Snip. I know how you feel." All except for that fact I sleep in a comfy bed and she has to hang out there in the snow and cold and her baby probably weighs fifty pounds more than mine.

Monday, January 19, 2009

You Are Pocahantas!
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Which Disney Princess Are You?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kade at 33 weeks and 2 days

Ok so really it's not Kade, it's me getting more pregnant everyday. But, if you had x ray vision as many super heros do you could see Kade.
I have been pretty lucky I figure for this pregnancy. I feel pretty darn good, only minor annoyances, (Which I will still complain extensively about). It could be so much worse and believe me I know and have seen sooo much worse. So I know that I am blessed, But since I am journaling through my rage now, here you go. I have some very enjoyable pregnancy tendinitis. It is quiet lovely. Because of the fluid overload, the swelling causes my hands and wrists to swell and put lots of pressure on the nerves etc, causing some very unenjoyable ouchiness and loss of some fine motor skill in the good ole hands. It's especially awesome at night when I want to sleep its the worst, it burns like the dickens. And also at work it's nice when I can't spike an IV bag, or I am trying to start an IV. hee hee. Yeah I've been making a habit of telling my patients right before I stick them, "Now I want you to know my hands are kinda numb and a little jerky, so forgive me if I don't get this the first couple of pokes." Just joking I really don't tell them that. It is my little secret. And I still can get it on the first try so no one prego or coming to EIRMC fear. I got it all under control.
It is fun to feel him move around in there. B on the other hand I think gets darn near nausea if he has to feel my stomach or even see it move. The other night he was laying by me and saw some minor movements, and he just got up really fast and said in disgust, "What is the deal? Why is he causing so much trouble." He makes me laugh. Apparently the guy that can pull a calf out of a cow with chains isn't going to fair as well in the delivery room. I gotta love that cow hand.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scout Master?...What?..(screaming) WHAT?

This last weekend I was working. On sunday after my shift I was driving home talking to B on the phone, he seemed pretty down in the dumps. I asked him how church was. Thats when he dropped the bomb on me.
"I got called as Scout Master." Many things went through my head. My first response was, "Thats great...you are gonna be really good at that." In my head I'm thinking, "There goes my husband that I have enjoyed so much. It was nice while it lasted."
That was pretty crafty of the bishop since I was working and all when he called him, sustained him in sacrament meeting and even set him apart after church. I didn't even get to be there. Which maybe was a good thing cause I may have objected. I guess we have had it pretty easy coasting under the radar since we've been married. Never in a place long enough. No kids. pretty much we have been living the high life. Nothing to tie us down or demand our time, besides our jobs. Already I felt like mutual tonight was the other woman. Baby coming in a couple months. I guess it's time for the honeymoon to be over. How sad.
We truely have claim over nothing and no one.

Ode to my job.

For anyone that may not know me or hasn't read through my blog I am a labor and delivery nurse. I love my job. One huge enourmous reason I love my job is because it makes me laugh sometimes. This may surprise you but there are some people in this world that aren't that brilliant. Me being one of them.

I want to give a little shout out to a gal that called me on the phone the other day.

Her: "I have a question, could I talk to a nurse."

Me: "I'm a nurse."

Her: "Well I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am already dilating. Is it ok if I get a bikini wax?"

Me: "Um.... I think that is ok, take some tylenol...I guess."

In my head,..."Personal preference I don't think I need to be in on this decision."

We all had a good laugh over that when I hung up. I told my compadres and Marsha a fellow nurse said, "You should have told her, "Oh yes please do, we prefer it." Yeah that would be great if some girl out there goes telling people in the community that a L&D nurse told her we prefer her to get a bikini wax. That would be just great.

We get some great calls. Some of the best come in the middle of the night like at 3 in the AM and a lot of times begin with, "Can I get pregnant if....?" and you can fill in the rest with pretty much any thing. Oh,....good times, it makes it a really fun job. But don't get me wrong there are plenty of other fun things too.