Wednesday, December 3, 2008


For our anniversary we went to the Black Swan and stayed in the Romeo and Juliette Suite. It was really fun. Again these pictures are from the phone,.. so not so great. It was a good anniversary.

Tasting some lemon drink.

There is a song that plays on Ayssa's dress and she would push the little button and then do a dance. When it the song stopped she'd push it again and it would start all over.
Tyson figures out kissing and chased Paige all over the house the rest of the night.

" Yeeeee Haaaawww" paige said.

These are just some recent pictures of this and that we just downloaded from our phones, so quality may not be so great but I figured some lonely souls in Memphis might have some interest. Sure miss you guys.

Me at 24 weeks. This is the buck B got this last week. He went by himself that day and almost impaled himself in the armpit when he fell on the antlers trying to drag the thing out in the snow by himself. He decided to leave the body there rather than kill himself. This, his wife very much appreciated.