Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this is 37.4 weeks.

Some more pregnant pictures. Here we are 37.5 weeks pregnant. The other night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself because of getting bigger and bigger, feeling claustrophobic, worrying that my skin is going to split apart etc.
Then we had a "Fetal Loss and grieving" training at work. One gal that works in the NICU and another that works in Womens Center talked about their losses and their own experiences with losing their babies. Lets just say that we were all bawling our eyes out and I couldn't believe how selfish I was. I'm so grateful for what I have and I defenitely wouldn't trade my trials for theirs.

Brandon and I moved into our first home about a week before chirstmas two months ago. We have five acres with I think 18 horses (not all ours), three cats (they belong to no one, I think they think they own the place), one dog (just staying with us until her new palace is ready), one long shed, one grainery, a tack shed, a hay shed, a nice yard and garden, several fruit trees, and a farm house. And we think that we are getting a baby in a week or two. Talk about baptism of fire. We are going to have our hands full.
It's been pretty fun to actually call a home our own after renting and living the single life before we got married for so many years.
B took some great pictures one day when it was snowing. This is pepper the dog and Skinny Jim the horse.

This is most of B's horse, Dusty is on the left, Skinny Jim and Snip is the mare behind skinny Jim. She is expecting also about a month after me. The other day while I was driving by the corral I stopped just to take a look at her. She comes walking to the fence by my car very slowing like she can hardly move, and looks at me with this look of misery only the pregnant could understand. I just thought, "I know how you feel Snip. I know how you feel." All except for that fact I sleep in a comfy bed and she has to hang out there in the snow and cold and her baby probably weighs fifty pounds more than mine.