Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer lovin...had me a blast.

GO USA, this was his fireworks outfit.

Trailing a little behind that's what his long johns say.

My new windows are going in as I type. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Me and Kade are downstairs trying to stay out of their way. We've watched the fifth season of the office. LOVED IT. I'm so stoked for this season. YES I shed a tear at the end of the season finale, geez back off. We have also watched a little baby Einstein and Kade is currently enjoying the rain forest melodys of his cadillac. This is what that looks like.
Yesterday after our room windows were done I just stood there looking at them, opening it then closing it. Open close, open close, open close etc. They did four yesterday until it started blowing and raining so hard. I can't believe the difference it makes. I can' t feel the wind any more when I stand by the window and I could hardly hear the storm when they were shut. Open close, open close.....LOVE EM LOVE EM.


khepworth said...

Is little Kade a thumb sucker? Cute! Okay, it's only cute until they get into kindergarten. Once they hit first grade-it's really not that cute at all..... Still trying to break Owen of the habbit.

Ohhhh, the windows sound divine!

Jillian said...

Kade is getting so big! Love to read the updates on your family- :)

Jenna and Daniel said...

I'm so excited about your windows! I've so been there with the home improvement stuff. It is great when all the improvements are done.
Kade is stinkin' cute.

Dan & Brooke said...

You are so funny! I miss you! Kade is so dang cute! What is new in your life? It's been a while! Probably time to get together for lunch or dinner!!!