Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have not updated my blog in a long time. I admire others who keep up with this and write such great stuff about life and family. I love to read about your lives and get up to speed with you. As for me I'm not as good at this. Wish I knew how to speedily catch you up to me if you so desired to know about me and the two boys in my life. So I thought maybe I would script one of my days and then leave it at that. Maybe that would give you a window into my life if you were at all interested.
0545 (a.m.) Woken by the squaks on the baby monitor. (Such a bitter sweet sound). Brandon had kissed me goodbye at 0400 to go hunting with his brother.
Fed Kade a bottle changed a diaper, turned off my lamp and let him go back to sleep for a while. I also went to sleep on the couch, I can't sleep in the same bed as Kade for many different reasons. Sometimes it happens and it's fun but most of the time I end up somewhere else.
0730 Laid by Kade on the bed as he watched Baby Monet and I got a couple more minutes of sleep. YES so lovely.
Changed more diapers played the usual baby stuff. Took a bath with kade, so fun.
0845 Put Kade in his cadillac and turned it on (His swing) He went to sleep.
Laundry time. Watched T.V.
1030 Abby (my sis) came over to watch Kade. Vahia Brandons friend came up and visited with us. He was staying the labor day weekend.
1100 Went up in the Hills with Bill and Jan (my inlaws) to pick choke cherries. Picked until about 1600 then we headed home.
1730 arrived home. B was home already. Kade was sleeping.
1900 Went to Cafe Rio for dinner. YUM.
2100 Put Kade to bed, B watched football, I went to sleep.
There it is I know you want to call Hollywood so they can do a movie bout the things rollin round my brain. (Did anyone catch that.....?? No? Counting crows song)
So there ya go kinda like a soap opera, if you haven't seen it in years just watch it one day and your all caught up.
Summers been great. Lots of gardening, yard work, hay and baby. I'm learning a lot about it all. I'm in love my husband and my kid we are living a pretty sweet life by my standards anyway. Catch ya up later, love ya all. Amy

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khepworth said...

Glad to see you're back!